Nuxe Eau de Mousse Micellaire aux Pétales de Rose


So I’ve been trying a few Nuxe products lately, just to see what all the craze is about. I was in the “pharmacie” looking for a good face wash, when I stumbled across there new “Pétales de rose” line. I bought this product about a month and a half ago, meaning it was the beginning of winter= dry air, heaters, and dry itchy skin. I was a little hesistant to get a mousse cleanser;  mousse cleaners are great during the summer and cream cleansers are great for the winter season. But since I trusted Nuxe (all their products are at least 93% natural) I decided to give it a try.
Let’s just say……it exceeded my expectations. I have dry to normal combination skin and very sensitive also. I was afraid at first that it might dry out my skin, but it didn’t. It left my skin feeling fresh and soft after every use, morning and night. The foam is so soft and decadent and it has a vey light, rosy scent. The “Micellaire”  formula is a soap-free formula, mastered by Nuxe. The rose petal water smooths and soothes the skin, also clarifying and cleansing the skin. Its so gentle and still so effective, even my long lasting waterproof eyeliner washes off with great ease!
Fortunately, coming from my mother, my skin is quite even and problem-free, so I didn’t feel a drastic change from using this product,  but I’m very interested to know if this product is still effective on treating skin with more imprefections and troubles than mine. Don’t hesitate to try it out, its still a great cleanser (if you dont have access to buying this product, please let me know ~~).
bisoux xoxo