Mustela 9 Mois


I’ve recently discovered a great skincare product line, called Mustela. It all happened when one of my closest friends, a soon mother-to-be ♡, told me how it was so difficult to find natural and healthy products for pregnant women. She informed me how it was the upmost importance that she finds creams and skincare products without chemical additives since these chemicals will be absorbed into her skin and may become a danger to her baby. And finding these products are difficult in the US. Now ,being the believer that the french are experts at skincare, I knew that there would be something for women in the same situation as my friend. Voilà!  That’s how I stumbled across Mustela! 
Mustela is the most trusted brand in France for mothers-to-be and for babies. I’ll do a more thorough post of their history at a later time for those of you that are interested.
So on the top left picture is the product I purchased to send to my friend. It’s a cream that’s part of the Mustela 9 Mois line. This a special cream for pregnant women used to help prevent and diminish the signs of stretch marks. On their fact site, it says that 96% of expectant mothers didn’t develop stretch marks! C’est incroyable!  The creme is light and rich and scent free and helps strengthen the elasticity of the skin in all areas of sensitive skin. It is composed of natural ingredients,  no parabens or other chemicals,  and its even safe to use during breast feeding! They suggest it be used during the first month of pregnancy until the birth. 
I’m so curious to see how effective this cream is; it could be the “miracle in a bottle” that all pregnant women are searching for…because we all know how much we hate stretch marks.
I’ll be shipping this wonderful cream to my lovely friend and she’ll keep me posted on how well this cream works~
Keep posted if you’re interested in Mustela and never hesistate if you have any questions,  my email address is in my “about” section at the top of the blog.
Bisoux bisoux xoxo