I’ve been doing several posts on the skincare brand “Nuxe” for awhile now…and some of you may be asking yourselves, “Nuxe?”. Well I’m here to fill you in on the wonderful french brand. The name of Nuxe was created from the word “nature” and “luxe” -> luxury in french. It was first started in 1989 by Aliza Jabés. She based the brand on 5 philosophies: nature, innovation,  evaluation,  accessibility,  and sensoriality. All Nuxe products have no mineral oils or animal substances,  and are at least 80% composed of natural ingredients; all products are non-comedogenic,  tests are conducted under strict and safe evaluations by the Ministry of Research, and all products are safely preserved without parabens. Plus, all of their innovative technology,  their prices are reasonable and the brand really takes into consideration the right reasonable price for these products.
While I’ve been trying Nuxe products, I’ve really noticed that the textures are rich and luxurious and scents are never overpowering and light, something I’m very sensitive to.
I also found that Nuxe is a real advocate to nature as well, so its good for the soul as well♡. They make all their packaging with as little waste possible, reduction in paper waste in all product packaging,  and a very cute fact: a commitment to saving bees!!♡  They’ve joined with another company , Un toit pour les abeilles,  to create more homes and habitats for bees (in case you haven’t been aware, bees have been mysteriously dieing and have decreased significantly which is a grave problem because bees are very important for the environment and pollination).
So overall,  not only does Nuxe bring you natural and effective products,  but you’ll also feel great on the inside as well knowing that they do their part in helping the environment.
If you would like to learn more about Nuxe and their products or would like to try something that I’ve mentioned on my website, don’t hesitate to ask♡ bisoux bisoux xoxo