Biotherm Biosource Exfoliant


Recently I’ve been trying a new face wash after finishing my Nuxe Eau de Mousse Micellaire (a review of the Nuxe Mousse is already in my blog page if you’re interested). This product was recommended to me by one of the pharmacists working at the “pharmacie” that I went to. She told me Biotherm works really well with Asian skin. Now, I am Asian if that’s what you’re wondering~ I’m not quite sure what the difference between skin types of different races…..not even sure if the race of a person makes the skin act in a certain way….but anyways….
Now I’ve never tried Biotherm before and never really heard any cult of followers swearing that this brand has changed the way their skin has ever been, but I was curious to find out. Now usually,  I never let anyone but myself when choosing out my own skin care products,  just cause usually I end up not liking the product or my skin disagrees with it,  but I took a leap of faith and decided to try this facial cleanser out.
This Biotherm product is a tonifying, exfoliating cleansing gel and is recommended for daily use. I’m not a huge fan of daily use exfoliation because every time I’ve tried one, it would make my skin flaky and dry and very sensitive after 3 days of use. I was scared this would end up being the same case. BUT on the contrary,  it wasn’t.
The cleansing gel is suited for people with normal and combination skin; my skin isn’t very oily but it does get dry in the winter. The cleansing gel is enriched with Zinc, to help balance the skin, and tiny micro-beads for exfoliation which helps with gentle daily exfoliation for even the most sensitive skin. I’ve been using this cleanser for over about a month now, so my thoughts?…
Well, first, like I’ve said, I don’t like daily exfoliation,  they’re usually too harsh for every day on my skin, especially now that its still winter. The great thing about this exfoliator, is that there isn’t a high concentration of the exfoliating beads so it is much gentler on my skin. It lathers quite nicely, with just the right amount of beads per use. It does a decent job at removing makeup, but you’ll have to use a make up remover before to make sure all the make up is off. The scent is fresh and mountain-y…..hahaha, ,it’s not overpowering at all. And what’s a great plus, is that after I’ve washed my face, my skin is still hydrated and soft, it hasn’t been stripped of all its natural oils.
But unfortunately, I did begin to see the usual cons of a daily exfoliant on my skin after 2 weeks into using this product. I’m not sure if it was mainly just the daily exfoliation or if it was because I’ve been traveling and adapting to different waters. But once I’ve settled back in Paris, my face started to get patches of dry skin and I even had a few pimples! I never get pimples…and when I saw them, it was like a warning sign to stop!…..but I was brave and decided to prolong a little longer just because I knew that traveling must’ve had an effect on my skin as well. Et voilà! All my blemishes have disappeared and recently, when I looked at my skin in the mirror, I felt it was more even-toned and brighter. But still I will be changing to a mousse or milk cleanser later this week, I’ll still keep this exfoliator, but I’ll probably just use it twice per week like all other exfoliators.
Remember, this is am exfoliator for normal and combination skin. Just because I write a review on this product, doesn’t mean you’ll see the same results. Please find a product right for your skin type. Biotherm has products for all skin types and if you’ve tried any other product from Biotherm, let me know! I’d love to hear more about the brand!
Bon weekend!~
Bisoux bisoux ♡ ♡